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LUNA is the paranormal/fantasy romance line published by Harlequin.

Series Overview

LUNA Books delivers a compelling, female-focused fantasy[1] with vivid characters, rich worlds, strong, sympathetic women and romantic subplots.

LUNA Books wants emotionally complex, sweeping stories that highlight the inner female power. Whether the heroine is on a quest to save the world — or someone or something important to her — discover her past or develop her own abilities, these stories are involving, gripping and sweep the reader away into a detailed, convincing world. They also contain romantic subplots that enhance the main story but don't become the focus of the novel.[2]

Luna Launched in Jan, 2004 and publishes 1-2 titles per month. Titles usually come out in Trade paperback initially, but Luna has done some premieres in Hardback, and some Mass Market reissues as well.


Mary-Theresa Hussey


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*This series name may not be accurate. Chosen by DawnBurn.

** This series was transferred to the Mira line.

*** The third book in The One Rose series was published by Juno Books.

**** The Manhattan Magic series was transferred to DAW Books