Lust: Bisexual Erotica

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Sizzling women's erotic fiction with a decidedly bisexual bent from the very open mind of noted erotica writer Marilyn Jaye Lewis.

Lust: Biseuxal Erotica

Reviews for LUST: Bisexual Erotica

"...And if one scenario doesn't appeal to you, be assured that the others will. Lust is hot, lawless and free – the best kind of sex writing!

"...In another writer's hands the sex would be a turn-off, too sleazy, too gross, but Lewis holds your hand, she takes you there herself and helps her reader to understand what it is that's erotic about the scene. Whatta gal.

"Lewis doesn't hide from the realities of drink and drugs, the sex she describes is not neatly PC, or safe and sane. Often her stories refer to a time when sex was easier and more reckless, pre-AIDS. Her characters lube up for anal sex with Vaseline and Crisco, unthinkable these days, and it's unusual to find a woman writing wistfully, as Lewis does, about the depraved sexual availability in New York in the 70s.

"...The writing is still superb, deeply imaginative, wide in scope and possessed of a freshness that resists all the usual sex writing clichés. Honestly, you couldn't ask for more." --Charlotte Cooper,, UK

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“Marilyn Jaye Lewis includes 16 of her best stories in this racy collection, and if you like stories that combine every pairing you can think of, it may be for you. You can expect to find situations involving two men, two women, a man and a woman, and much more. Lewis tends to leave no taboo untouched, so if you are offended by situations involving necrophilia or incest, you will want to look elsewhere. If you're looking for a work of high-quality writing that explores a huge variety of themes, styles and perspectives, you're in the right place.” --A Woman’s

"Lust is a boundary-bashing collection of powerful, intelligent erotica." --Alison Tyler, editor of Naughty Stories from A to Z series

"Lust is so good it hurts--in all the right ways. Straight, queer, bi--whatever! Lewis’ writing gets my blood pumping and leaves me absolutely breathless." --Greg Wharton, author of Johnny Was & Other Tall Tales

"At last! -- Marilyn Jaye Lewis’ rigorous short stories between two covers! This has been overdue far too long. There are many classics here of modern erotic literature, only to be found before in lost journals and anthologies--and at times but mere whispered rumors among cocktail and spanking parties. These stories are kinky…oh, they are very kinky, but they are also thoughtful, insightful, and more importantly: human. They are real, and that’s so uncommon in today’s erotic offerings." --Michael Hemmingson, author of The Comfort of Women

"Three simple words: Buy. This. Book. Marilyn isn't just a good writer, she's a great writer and this is a fantastic book of excellently written, and very sexy, stories. Highly recommended." --M. Christian, author of The Bachelor Machine

"Exquisitely filthy sex scenes, described in prose that's beautiful, lyrical, funny and poignant. Marilyn Jaye Lewis is a superb writer, and no erotic book collection will be complete without a copy of LUST." --Lauren Henderson, author of My Lurid Past, and the Sam Jones Mysteries series