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About Manloveromance

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The Manlove Erotic Romance Directory Site is a co-op of M/M authors that have come together to pool their financial resources to afford advertising on larger gay and women's web sites and publications.

Many of these advertising avenues start their minimum ad rates at the thousands-of-dollars mark. We believe our readership is out there, but unreachable on an individual budget. As a group, we have the buying power to compete in the larger market and reach our readership - gay men and straight women who enjoy reading M/M erotic romances.

For each new ad we run, the cost of joining the listing will be the cost of the new ad divide by the number of contributing authors on the current list. I'm trying to keep the cost down to $100 per author or less. If this is successful, we'll discuss the financial feasibility of running new ads every 3-6 months.

We are currently running a 3 issue ad in MEN magazine and have a booth at the December 2007 GayEroticExpo in NYC.

If you are a M/M author or artist and are interested in joining the advertising directory, please email [email protected]

Participating Authors