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Marion Lennox won the 2004 RITA® in the Best Traditional Romance category for Her Royal Baby. She also writes under the name Trisha David. Described as "A bookworm when she grew up on a dairy farm at Cobden, near Warrnambool, Ms Lennox said a flair for figures led her to a 20-year career as a statistics and computing lecturer at Ballarat University".[1] With Liu Bingquan and Zhao Xueru, and writing as Linda Brumley, she co-authored a non-fiction work, Fading Links to China: Ballarat's Chinese Gravestones and Associated Records 1854-1955 which was originally published by the History Department, Melbourne University in 1992 but is also available online.

As an author for the Harlequin Romance imprint, she has published twelve novels and she has written many more medical romances. She published one novel for the Silhouette Romance line.



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