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Mary Balogh (b. 1944) grew up in Wales, land of sea and mountains, song and legend. She brought music and a vivid imagination with her when she came to Canada to teach. There she began a second career as a writer of books that always end happily and always celebrate the power of love.


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Series/Related Titles

Related Books

The hero of The Wood Nymph, is the rejected suitor of the heroine in A Chance Encounter.

Minor characters of the first and second book are the hero and the heroine of the third.

A minor character of the previous book is the hero or heroine of the next.

A minor character of the previous book is the hero or heroine of the next.

Linked by related or befriended heroes and heroines.

The mute sister of the heroine and the younger brother of the hero in Heartless are hero and heroine of Silent Melody.

The three books tell the love stories of four close friends and former cavalry officers in the Napoleonic Wars.

The heroine of A Summer To Remember was abandoned at the altar in One Night For Love.

Web Series

  1. The Gilded Web, 1989
  2. Web Of Love, 1990
  3. The Devil's Web, 1990

The Dudleys

Slightly Series

aka the Bedwyns

  1. Slightly Married, 2003
  2. Slightly Wicked, 2003
  3. Slightly Scandalous, 2003
  4. Slightly Tempted, 2004
  5. Slightly Sinful, 2004
  6. Slightly Dangerous, 2004

Simply Series

aka Miss Martin's School for Girls in Bath

  1. Simply Unforgettable, 2005
  2. Simply Love, 2006
  3. Simply Magic, 2007
  4. Simply Perfect, 2008