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Molten Silver is an imprint of Liquid Silver Books.

Per the publisher, guidelines for submissions are:

Let your darkest fantasies come to life! We know readers of erotic romances enjoy a wide range of heat levels along with a superb story that will stay with them long after the last page is read. We pride ourselves at LSB in giving our readers classy, hot, distinctive erotic romances.

Yet, we know, oftentimes our readers want more. We want to provide more along with keeping our high standards of delivering kick-ass stories that provide depth, keeping the reader always coming back for more.

We now are opening the boundaries with the addition of our Molten Silver line.

We are looking for distinctive, well-told and well-crafted stories, which appeal to our readers’ naughtier side. Accepted submissions will include, but is not limited to BDSM, multiple partners, anal play, same-sex, etc. Happy for now or happy ever after endings are required. Series involving reoccurring characters are greatly encouraged and we will be particularly seeking.

We are not looking for straight contemporary stories for this line. Cross-genre romance stories are greatly sought after by readers, so our focus will lie there. These include, paranormal, fantasy, dark fantasy, urban fantasy, science fiction, alternative lifestyles, romantic suspense.

Even with opening the boundaries, there are still some taboos remaining, which are the following:

- Pedophilia - Bestiality (doesn’t include those stories in the paranormal/sci-fi/fantasy sub-genres) - Rape or incest that would cause arousal in the reader. - Conveyance of hate or mockery to women and/or religious groups

Following our normal submission guidelines by sending a cover letter, synopsis and three chapter partial to our Acquisitions Director Rachel Fox at [email protected]