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In August 1994 Silhouette launched the 12-books Montana Mavericks series. Set in the fictional town of Whitehorn in Montana the titles were linked through the search for a murderer and persons appearing in every novel like Mary Jo Kincaid or Winona Cobbs.

Montana Mavericks - Stories that capture living and loving beneath the Big Sky, where legends live on and love lasts forever.

The series featuring the town of Whitehorn - and later other towns in Montana - was continued from 1998 on, mostly in the Silhouette Special Edition imprint, but also in the Harlequin Historical imprint, with themed anthologies and a second stand-alone Montana Mavericks series in 2000.

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Montana Mavericks, original series

Welcome to Whitehorn, Montana - the home of bold men and daring women. A place where rich tales of passion and adventure are unfolding under the Big Sky. seems that this charming little town has some mighty big secrets.

  1. Rogue Stallion - Diana Palmer, August 1994
  2. The Widow And The Rodeo Man - Jackie Merritt, September 1994
  3. Sleeping With The Enemy - Myrna Temte, October 1994
  4. The Once And Future Wife - Laurie Paige, November 1994
  5. The Rancher Takes A Wife - Jackie Merritt, December 1994
  6. Outlaw Lovers - Pat Warren, January 1995
  7. Way Of The Wolf - Rebecca Daniels, February 1995
  8. The Law Is No Lady - Helen R. Myers, March 1995
  9. Father Found - Laurie Paige, April 1995
  10. Baby Wanted - Cathie Linz, May 1995
  11. Man With A Past - Celeste Hamilton, June 1995
  12. Cowboy Cop - Rachel Lee, July 1995

Montana Mavericks: Return to Whitehorn

Montana Mavericks: Wed in Whitehorn

  1. Lone Stallion's Lady - Lisa Jackson, June 2001
  2. Cheyenne Bride - Laurie Paige, July 2001
  3. You Belong To Me - Jennifer Greene, August 2001
  4. The Marriage Bargain by Victoria Pade, September 2001
  5. Big Sky Lawman - Marilyn Pappano, October 2001
  6. The Baby Quest - Pat Warren, November 2001
  7. It Happened One Wedding Night - Karen Hughes, December 2001
  8. The Birth Mother - Pamela Toth, January 2001
  9. Rich, Rugged… Ruthless - Jennifer Mikels, February 2001
  10. The Magnificent Seven - Cheryl St. John, March 2001
  11. Outlaw Marriage - Laurie Paige, April 2001
  12. Nighthawk’s Child - Linda Turner, May 2001

Montana Mavericks, Historicals

Montana Mavericks: Christmas in Whitehorn

Montana Mavericks: Rumor, Montana

Montana, Big Sky country, the place where legendary love is dramatically revealed. Now a new chapter begins as the town of Rumor gives birth to more exciting tales with the continuation of the Montana Mavericks saga....

Montana Mavericks: The Kingsleys

The Kingsleys - where nothing is as it seems beneath the big skies of Montana.

Montana Mavericks: Gold Rush Grooms

New Montana Mavericks: Thunder Canyon

Montana Mavericks: Striking It Rich


(These anthologies are not formally part of the continuity series listed above, but can be placed choronologically between them.)