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Sexy Stories

My Pouty Lips is originally the personal blog of Angelicka Wallows. She started it to indulge her passion about sexy stories and everything erotica, and because she found more totally awesome to use a blog as her personal diary, rather than a paperback one. She started with writing her own intimate confessions, things that she couldn’t even mention to her mum, little dirty secrets issued from her intense and wild sexual life. She does like sex and totally assumes it.

Soon enough My Pouty Lips evolved into something more complex. She started writing erotic stories as well and put them online for people to read them for free. It kind of turned her on to know that men and women were getting horny reading the stuff she wrote, and she very often imagined her readers, what would they do, where would they be, how would they pleasure themselves…

Some readers were starting to ask her questions, that’s why she also decided to write tips about everything sexual they wanted to know. Hot tips are now quite successful and attract a lot of attention.

After seeing that so many people were writing erotica, men and women, she decided to open her site and welcome guest authors. She is happy to publish their profile and give them free publicity. Their only commitment is to allow her to publish a free stories of theirs, and her readers definitely enjoy this diversity!

A few more projects are on the way, like hosting an online erotica bookstore for all the guest authors who cared to post there on My Pouty Lips. She might also open a sex toys shop and eventually write some reviews. Angelicka does have an impressive collection of these pleasurable items, and she is sure many readers would enjoy learning more about which one to get, how to enjoy them to the max, and the best way to keep them clean and ever ready!

Most of the visitors to My Pouty Lips are based in the US. The site does get a lot of quality traffic in here and is always happy to see their readers interact, comment, ask, and grow with them!

Read some mouth watering and naughty Sexy Stories in erotica. And learn a thing or two about relationships and the now famous hot tips.