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Neptune & Surf, First Print Edition

Reviews for Neptune & Surf

Lewis' style is outstanding! 'Neptune & Surf' is a book that delivers what it promises. Marilyn Jaye Lewis offers three intense and arousing novellas of female erotica. Each tale explores a theme relevant to the time and setting in which it takes place. “Neptune & Surf” is a story of prostitution and interracial sex on Coney Island in 1955. This is followed by “The Mercy Cure,” the tale of a young lesbian’s coming of age in a Catholic orphanage. Finally, there is “Gianni’s Girl.” When a gangster’s girlfriend steals money from the hood, she pays a steep price. Will her gangster boyfriend want her after everyone else takes a turn with her? Lewis blends history with fantasy and real-life events in a way that brings new meaning to female erotica. Her work refreshingly outside of the norm, Lewis is an author you do not want to miss. —Danielle Enlge, erotic author

The whole book should have been a movie. If I were a big time producer, looking for a great story to introduce to movie goers; this book would be it. Marilyn Jaye Lewis captures that detailed image in her writings. When you read her stories, they'll leave you in that lingering movie thinking mood that you get when coming out of the theaters. 'Gianni's Girl,' was my favorite. If that story was at the box office, it would win with the right actors and actress. This book of the three explicit novellas was superb! I recommend it.. —Evelyn O.Simon, b&

Author's Product Rating - 5 stars. No holds barred erotic fiction written for those who can read more than four letters…A rare example of erotic literature with sensuality and substance designed to stimulate the mind as well as the libido of the reader. A thinking person's pornographer.”— Rod Crowl,

“...reads like a hardcore version of Scorsese’s Goodfellas...with wit, insight and imagination, Lewis deftly erases the line between ‘erotica’ and ‘literature.’”—Ian Grey, author of Sex, Stupidity & Greed: Inside the American Movie Industry

“The striking debut of a new American erotic author in the tradition of Anais Nin. Three very different novellas explore the complex nature of female sexuality and all supply very different answers....this is both steamy and disturbing.” — Europe’s Essential Erotic Library

“Three highly explicit novellas about a mixed bag of constantly copulating characters....Lewis somehow manages to turn these torrid tales into lyrically romantic stories. Quite a trick.” —Desire Magazine (UK)

“...A well-written, plot-driven compilation of erotica....Loads of hot sex and good writing—what more could you need? (Rating: 4 Lips)—On Our Backs

“The sexuality in Neptune & Surf is explicit and to-the-point...I can’t help thinking of Sergio Leone’s Once Upon A Time in Amerca...”—American Book Review

“Neptune & Surf is one of the best new books of erotica I’ve read so far this year...from one of the best talents in erotica today.”—

“Crisply written, with great attention to detail. Marilyn Jaye Lewis is an author of great talent.”—sfmaster, Erotica Readers Association

“...the sensational debut of new erotic writer Marilyn Jaye Lewis bring(s) an unmistakable feminine persepctive to matters of the flesh, these pages take literate erotica well beyond the boundaries once staked by Story of O...”—The Guardian, London, Essential Summer Books

“Vividly written, these stories rise above the routine of erotica to establish the author as a stylist worth watching.”—G21: The World’s Magazine

“The stories are intense in an elemental way and will, undoubtedly, move you in the manner that the author intends.”—Buzz Review News

“Marilyn’s characters spring to life in a way that makes the reader care about of those rare books you don’t want to put down once you start reading!”—Connection Magazine

“Lewis uses eroticism as a provocateur, a catalyst that not only stimulates the reader erotically, but acts as a wake-up call.”—BNI

“(Neptune & Surf) is well-written and sure to put some fuel in your fantasies. ..This book is great before will enjoy the reaction women get from reading it.” —Fright X Magazine