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New Concepts Publishing publishes romance and erotic romance electronically and in trade paperback. Their books are available at major bookstores.


New Concepts Publishing, the first totally electronic romance publishing house, was established in the spring of 1996. NCP went on-line with their first four novels, Amber Moment, Lord of Chaos, Liar's Poker, and Shattered Dreams, in October of 1996. At first publishing only 2 to 4 novels a month, NCP is now publishing 8 to 20 novels and short stories every month. NCP paved the way for many current independent e-publishers' success with innovative author contracts, royalty percentages, and by taking chances on fresh and original books. E-publishing is now a force to be reckoned with--it has changed the way major NY publishers deal with authors--and we are proud to have been on the forefront of this burgeoning market!

NCP currently receives between 25,000 and 45,000 hits to their website every day. We have numerous authors making between $1,000 and $10,000 in royalties every pay period, with that number growing exponentially each month. It is our goal to have all of our authors making a comfortable living exclusively by writing within the next several years if they can work full time as with any other career. Since 2003 our sales have doubled--and sometimes tripled--every quarter, and we are well on our way to becoming a multi-million dollar company by 2006.

Our print books are widely distributed through Ingram's, Baker & Taylor, Bertram's, and many other distributors, and our Trade Paperbacks are sold throughout Waldenbooks across the country as well as a growing number of fine independent bookstores. Our e-books consistently hold many of the top 25 best-selling e-book positions on, the leading retailer of e-books.

The primary goal of New Concepts Publishing, from its inception, was to bring high quality fiction to book lovers. By offering our authors generous royalty percentages and creative freedom, we've not only attracted many fine authors, but can offer work 'written from the heart', fresh, excitingly different stories stringent guidelines would not allow.

Submission Information

Please Read More about what we are looking for at our website -

We are actively seeking top-notch:

Historical Romance

Contemporary Romance

Romantic Suspense

Fantasy Romance

Paranormal Romance

Futuristic/S.F. Romance

All submissions should be sent to: New Concepts Publishing 5202 Humphreys Rd. Lake Park, GA 31636

New Multicultural Line


Harmony™ line is all about romance and the harmonious blending of races and cultures. These are MULTI-RACIAL romances, not simply interracial romances, and race issues should NOT hang over the storyline like a dark thundercloud. The conflict, as with any other romance, should arise from the characters themselves and should be strong enough to carry the story, and yet resolvable. Bringing together racists is not resolvable conflict within the confines of a book and therefore not desirable as the primary conflict of the story. The hero and heroine can be of the same race, or of two different races. The main difference between the romances written for the Harmony line and other romances is that Harmony will bring color and intriguing cultures together so that readers of many backgrounds and races will have characters to fall in love with and identify with. Authors should keep in mind when they sit down to develop a storyline for Harmony that, regardless of race, creed, color, or religious background, women are women, the world over, all searching for that special someone to love who will give them love and passion in return.

Authors should always remember that romances are stories designed to fulfill every woman's fantasy, and Harmony™ is no exception.

Stories for the Harmony™ line should follow the general guidelines of any good futuristic, fantasy, historical, or paranormal romance. We are primarily seeking stories in these genres that are spicy or erotic in sensuality. A query letter and synopsis should be emailed to [email protected]

Please note: We will continue to consider multi-racial romances for our NCP romance line if it does not meet our goals for the Harmony™ line.

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