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Patricia Veryan is the pen name of Patricia Valeria Veryan Berg, neƩ Bannister (b. 1923). Growing up in London, she moved to the United States after WWII and later married a Californian she had met while working for the occupation forces in Frankfurt, Germany. She has written stories since she was able to read and write. While raising her two children she tried without success selling scripts for television.

In 1977 a friend urged her to start writing books and in 1978 her first novel, The Lord And The Gypsy, was published. Although set in the Regency, it is not a traditional Regency Romance, but a historical with a diligently researched background. Another hallmark of the author is to group her novels around four "core" series by using the same personnel - often enough thus linking the "series". No book is without links and her fans have dedicated a lot of web pages to show the appearance of characters in in her novels.

According to her official Fan Club she retired from writing due to failing eyesight. Her last novel, The Riddle Of The Deplorable Dandy, was released in 2002.

(from Official Fan Club)

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Series/Related Titles

Sanguinet Saga

(In reading order, not by release date) The main plot is the attempt of Claude Sanguinet to assassin the Prince Regent. He or his brothers aren't even mentioned in some the novels, but the heroes of the associated books are all friends of the saga's heroes.

Golden Chronicles

The main plot is the hunt for a treasure in the aftermath of the Jacobite Rising an the Battle of Culloden in 1746.

  1. Practice To Deceive, 1985
  2. Journey To Enchantment, 1986
  3. The Tyrant, 1987
  4. Love Alters Not, 1988
  5. Cherished Enemy', 1988
  6. The Dedicated Villain, 1989

Tales of the Jewelled Men

The main plot is the attempt of a circle of ambitious men to take of the power in England in the aftermath of the Jacobite Rising. Linked through some heroes to the Golden Chronicles.

  1. Time's Fool, 1991
  2. Had We Never Loved, 1992
  3. Ask Me No Questions, 1993
  4. A Shadow's Bliss, 1994
  5. Never Doubt I Love, 1995
  6. The Mandarin Of Mayfair, 1995

Riddle Saga

  1. The Riddle Of Alabaster Royal, 1997
  2. The Riddle Of The Lost Lover, 1998
  3. The Riddle Of The Reluctant Rake, 1999
  4. The Riddle Of The Shipwrecked Spinster, 2001
  5. The Riddle Of The Deplorable Dandy, 2002