Private Lessons - Barbara Boswell

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Book Description

GRAY--Nobody Wore Jeans Better or Looked Hotter Than He Did... Gray McCall remembered the pretty high school student who'd had such a crush on him, she'd nearly flunked his biology class--but now Elissa Emory was a knockout, all delectable curves and irreisitibly tempting! He hadn't felt like teasing or flirting with a woman in ages, but she was bewitching, a sizzling challenge whose lips made him hunger to kiss her until she melted in his arms.

He Dared to Stake a Claim Elissa adored the intimate, sexy promises Gray made with his body, responded to his seductive embraces with all her heart; but he fought against sharing the sorrow that haunted him, and insisted he couldn't giveher whatshe needed...what she deserved. Could she teach a man who refused to believe in forever that the healing power of her love could make him happy?