Raxl, Voodoo Priestess

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The third book in Paperback Library's new series of novels based on TV's exciting gothic suspense drama STRANGE PARADISE.

Will Jean Paul Desmond be able to control his unleashed powers of witchcraft -- or will they destroy him? Jean Paul Desmond shelters Laurie Keeler and her fiancé on Maljardin at the request of Dan Forrest, his attorney. The young couple are being pursued by gangsters and Jean Paul believes they will be safe on his isolated, invulnerable island. But much to Jean Paul's surprise, attacks on their lives continue. Soon everyone on the island is in terrible danger. But does the threat come from this world -- or from beyond the grave? Is Jacques Eloi des Mondes, Jean Paul's long-dead ancestor, out to steal Laurie's life force so that he may live on? Against his will, Jean Paul uses Raxl's voodoo powers in order to find out -- before it is too late for all of them!

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