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Press Release

Red Lipstick Journals hits Amazon with a Scorching Premise.

'Created by a group of strong sassy erotic content writers, Red Lipstick Journals (RLJ) blog provides a variety of erotic flavors able to entice even the most discriminate pallet.'

Worldwide Web - November 24th 2010 - Built upon the unique styles of eight talented authors, this open format blog is fashioned to fill the erotica blog genre gap in the ever expanding Kindle Universe. RLJ delivers a nice dose of spice for the erotic appetite. The blending talents bring forth a diverse offering of content, inviting the reader to peruse at their own speed and sensitivity. Within the scripts of RLJ, you can find everything from wicked polls, hot pictures, sexy movies, intimate play suggestions, FREE naughty tales, and did I mention Scarlet Rose, the sex columnist? With independent readers and blog subscriptions on the rise, RLJ fills their particular niche quite nicely. The fresh voice and content adds a flair of red in the sometimes bland world of hand held reader content. So next time you see a someone intently reading their Kindle, stop a moment and watch. You may just happen to catch a blush or a devilish smirk because even electronic pages can sizzle. Contact Information : [email protected]



Noelle's Revenge - Red Lipstick Journals

You Never Could Be - Amy Romine

Exploring Her Submission - Nisey - Dakota Trace

Guest Authors


Red Lipstick Journals Volume 1 - November 2010 (Published 2011)

Red Lipstick Journals Volume 2 - December 2010 (Published 2011)

Noelle's Revenge - Presented by Red Lipstick Journals (Published 2011)

Red Lipstick Journals Anthology - Volume 1 (Coming 2011)


- What can I say? There are many blogs out there right now that spew the same hum drum reviews and opinions. Red Lipstick Journals isn't like that. They are the shot in the arm of blogs right now. Their layout is amazing the contributing author are awesome. I am very happy I found this blog and can't wait to see more from them!!!

-Red Lipstick Journals I find it to be very unique and spicy HOT!!!! There are some awesome writers contributing to this journal which makes it so much better than any other Journals/Blogs I have read as of late. I am so glad I decided to subscribe to the Red Lipstick Journals.

-I've never seen such hot and juicy stuff on a blog before. Red Lipstick Journals have you wanting to come back for more!