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Red Sage Publishing, Inc. publishes mainstream, romance and erotic romance through electronic and print. Red Sage books are available in major bookstores and internet websites around the world as well as foreign rights sales.

About Red Sage Publishing

Readers love sophisticated, fun, adventurous romances with a wide-open bedroom door, something that Red Sage has provided right from the beginning. Before there were e-books, before there was something labeled "erotic romance," there was Red Sage.

The first Secrets anthology was released in 1995 and caught on with readers immediately. The very first authors of erotic romance are Bonnie Hamre, Alice Gains, Jeanie LeGendre and Ivy Landon. It's still in print to this day, as are all the other Secrets volumes released since then. The staying power of these anthologies is a testament to their quality.

We have Rita nominated authors, New York Times listed authors, Golden Hearts winners and erotic novel of the year authors, US Today listed authors. In other words some of the best authors in the business. Secrets Volume 2 won the Independant Publishers Follett Literary award for fiction.

Our authors include some of the most recognized names in erotic romance. Angela Knight, MaryJanice Davidson, Susan Kearney, Emma Holly, Liz Maverick and many others were first published by Red Sage. We are known for discovering new talent, and we're very proud of all our authors.

Red Sage On The Web[1]

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Submissions Information

Red Sage has always told authors to write what they love to write. It doesn’t matter if the story is historical, science fiction, comedy, or any other subgenre. If the author is writing what they love, it shows in the writing and the emotions come through. The stories are funnier, sexier, scarier, etc., when the author has the emotional investment in doing what they love. This is where the great, out-of-the-box stories come from, because the authors are both free and engaged.

Authors sometimes ask, "What are you looking for?" We always tell them to write what you write best and love most. We have never said we need so many vampire stories or so many historicals because a great story is a great story. Don’t ever write a story for us just because you heard we were looking for a certain type of story, because we are always looking for your wonderful, brilliant, beautiful, emotional, jam-packed, ultra-sensual or erotic romance.

For more information on submission guidelines please visit

Contact Information

Red Sage Publishing, Inc. P.O. Box 4844 Seminole, Florida 33775

Email – [email protected]

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