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Robin Schone's novels are part of the development of the erotic romance genre. She is known for incorporating frank sexuality as an integral part of the characters' self-discovery and the development of the romance. For example, her first published novel (Awaken, My Love, 1995) opens with the 39-year-old heroine literally changing her world through masturbation.

Schone's direct treatment of aging and sexuality remains unusual within the romance genre. Her 2000 novella "A Man and a Woman" features a 48-year-old widow and a 53-year-old eunuch. Her 2007 novel Scandalous Lovers stars a 49-year-old, menopausal widow and a 47-year-old widower. Her other central characters have included a male prostitute and a male victim of rape.

Schone studied art, classics, and world religion at Rockford College in Rockford, Illinois. She met her husband, Don, on their first day of university, and they married a few months later, in June 1975. Schone suffered a heart attack on December 25, 2008. She is recovering.

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