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I have resently downloaded the Presents and Romance by the number pages to have a complete list of the titles. The problem i'm having is that there seems to be 2 seperate and distince collections in both. I don't understand how this is possible. Is there someplace else i can find the alternate lists?

I tried to find the user page you spoke of and i can't. I'm having a hard time navigating here.

The books in the romance series i was speaking of are:

  1. 3 House fo Discord Jane Arbor ISBN 0-373-17003-3 Dec 87
  2. 4 The Malvern Man Miriam MacGregor ISBN 0-373-17004-1 Dec 87
  3. 7 Bond of Fate Jane Corrie ISBN 0-373-17007-6 Feb 88
  4. 15 Bittersweet Passion Lynne Graham ISBN 0-373-17015-7 Jun 88

This is just a couple of the ones I own that don't fit into the existing list. --Teresa58 10:44, 12 March 2008 (PDT)

I answered your question on the main Community Discussion page. Click on the project page tab above, then scroll down to the bottom. --Leigh

New question: I just signed up here because I have quite a few old Harlequins that you don't have descriptions for. Are we allowed to copy the text from the back of the book, or does that infringe on copyright? Thanks so much for your time! Aspirationalsex

While the cover copy is copyrighted, it is also promotional material. Generally, publishers do not mind if that copy is replicated verbatim, though it is helpful to indicate it comes from the cover.

Editing Misinformation

Um, granted its been a while since I updated my info on here, but I can see that people have listed several of my books as being set in citys they were not set in etc etc. How exactly do I correct this misinformation, especially when it's in a section that doesn't give me the [ edit ] option?

Can you please put a link to one of the pages you are talking about and what information is wrong? There are only a few pages as a user that you cannot edit.--Greenstrawberry1982 17:53, 23 July 2011 (PDT)