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Romancing the Blog is a group blog featuring authors, readers, reviewers, and industry professionals coming together as a community and providing resources for both readers and authors.

Romance has been elegantly defined as the offspring of fiction and love. -- Benjamin Disraeli

Romance is the offspring of love--love of the reader, love of the writer, love of the reviewer, and love of the publisher. The genre is ever-evolving. Trends come and go. Cowboys went the way of the West and vampires came out into the light. That will change, as the genre always does. What's popular today won't be tomorrow.

Who dictates the direction of modern romance? The writer? The reader? The publisher? The reviewer?

The answer is: All of the above.

Weblogs have emerged as a viable source of information. "Bloggers" are on the cutting edge. They find information and spread it quickly. They share their knowledge and their viewpoints, they "rant" and they praise. And when it comes to romance, they know their stuff.

The columnists on Romancing the Blog are readers, reviewers, aspiring authors, and bestsellers. Some are thoughtful, some humorous, some a bit "ranty," and some are insightful. They have their own voices and a love of romance. Together, with your comments, they will map the landscape of today's romance genre from every possible angle. From story conception to the moment a reader finishes the book, they'll cover it all.

Do you know where the genre is going next?

With Romancing the Blog, you will.