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Founded in 1981, Romantic Times Bookclub (formerly known as Romantic Times Magazine) is the only publicly available magazine dedicated to the romance genre. The monthly publication features author interviews and book reviews for all romance sub-genres.

In addition to a magazine, Romantic Times has an annual convention, bringing together readers, writers, and other industry professionals.


Romantic Times

About Romantic Times

Romantic Times was founded in 1981 by Kathryn Falk when she realized there wasn't a publication dedicated to the massive romance market. According the magazine's history (available on the website), the publication started out as a typewritten fanzine before growing into a slicker, glossier, nationally distributed magazine.

During most of the eighties, the magazine was printed bi-monthly in a newspaper style format. In the nineties, they grew into the current magazine format, slowly expanding the books reviewed from simply straight romance to include "women's fiction", mysteries, science fiction, and other mainstream novels they feel might be of interest to their readers. In 2005, Romantic Times added "Bookclub" the magazine's name, hoping to attract a broader audience as part of this effort.


Each month the magazine rates romance books on the star system from one star to 4-1/2 star gold.

In addition, the magazine bestows awards:

  • Reviewers' Choice Awards for the best books of the year. The winners and nominees are selected by the magazine staff of over 50 reviewers.
  • Career Achievement Awards that honor authors for their entire body of work throughout their career. The winners and nominees are selected by the magazine staff.