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Romance is Silhouette's sweetest line. In February 2007, the Silhouette Romance line was folded into the Harlequin Romance line. The "new" Harlequin Romance continued the numbering from the "old" line, with six titles released each month (Harlequin Romance and Silhouette Romance had each been publishing four per month before the merge). Many Silhouette Romance authors making the transition to the "new" line.



Be My Baby was the title of Silhouette Romances by:

RITA Winners

A large number of authors for the Silhouette Romance imprint have been the recipients of the RITA or its predecssor the Golden Medallion, the highest honor given to romance authors. Winners were:

Silhouette Romance author Diane Pershing was nominated for the RITA for her Silhouette Romance The Wish. Elizabeth Harbison was nominated in 1999 for her second novel Wife Without A Past, and Fiona Harper was nominated in 2007 for her novel Blind-Date Marriage.