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Single Title romance novels are any romances not published as part of a category romance publisher's series line. They are longer than 'category' romances and average around 350 to 400 pages. Single Title romances exploded in popularity in the early 1980's (see: The Romance Wars) and continue to attract a large readership. Unlike Category romances, there are no rules in Single Title. Though authors may write a series of related titles, each single title stands alone in terms of packaging. The publishers do try to brand their books in such a way that readers can readily identify an Avon book when scanning shelves.

Romance novels are often categorized by word count, and Single Title romances generally fall into the 100,000 plus word count range.

'Single Title' is a publishing term and does not mean that the titles are not related in a Series (disambiguation) by author or topic.

Single-Title Authors