Sinister Warning

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1950 US Edition
By M. Scott Michel
Publisher Harlequin Romance #64
Release Month 1950 (US)
Harlequin Romance Series #
Preceded by The Dangerous Dead
Followed by Bridewell Beauty

Book Description

For over a year, Dr. Marvin Ballin, world famous x-ray specialist, was slowly being murdered while sitting in his office. He didn't know he was being murdered. Neither did anyone else - except the murderer. But his x-ray technician and mistress, Mary Anteron, was afraid of something and went to see the much publicized private detective, Wood Jaxon.

In spite of sinister warnings, Wood Jaxon took the case - for a big fee - and because the warnings made it interesting. Before he had sunk his teeth into the riddle of the strange death of Dr. Ballin, another murder was committed...and only a quick wit and strong arm kept Jaxon from a slab in the morgue. But still more trouble was on the way (including some questionable tactics by several seductive blondes and brunettes) and more murder by a diabolically clever killer who led Jaxon a violent and dangerous chase, through New York's nice and not-so-nice places.

Wood Jaxon is new and exciting. He is a man of decision and temperament, with an undeniable appetite for food, drink, bid fees, action and good looking women.

Cover Variation (By Release Date)

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