Spindrift 2: Ship to Shore

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Book Description

When myth comes to life, love becomes legendary

When writer Richard Dunn moved to a remote Scottish village, all he was looking for was peace to write. He never dreamed that he'd find love, and the truth at the heart of a legend. Now Richard is one of those protecting the village's secret--a few, terribly few now, of the seals near the village are more than seals. They're silkies, shape-changing fairy folk. And one of them is Richard's partner Niall.

Their village offers a relatively safe home for silkies, with most tourists looking only for the pretty scenery or the good fishing. But the silkies are threatened by the arrival of a group of tourists who are interested in hunting more than fish--and the first seal they find is Niall's sister. She chooses to stay in seal form rather than betray the secret, even when she's attacked and injured.

With Ailsa's life hanging in the balance, the villagers band together for defense—but it’s up to Richard and Niall to protect each other and the community they’ve grown to trust.


PG-13 excerpt and erotic excerpt available at the author's website.

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eCataromance: 5 stars

"Spindrift 2: Ship to Shore by Jules Jones is one of the most emotionally and intellectually satisfying books I have ever had the privilege to read. ... Congratulations, Ms. Jones, on penning another treasure for avid readers to jealously guard and devour." -- Keely Skillman

Joyfully Reviewed

"I have been waiting for the second book in this series with much anticipation. I was not disappointed! Suspense, sensual love scenes and romance make for a thrilling sequel! There's more Richard and Niall, more Ailsa, more William and more exciting drama... If you are a fan of Spindrift, you must buy Spindrift 2: Ship to Shore!" -- Annabelle Andrews