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Susan Gable


Susan was born with a book in her hand. Okay, maybe not quite, but she did begin reading at the age of four and hasn't been able to stop. Her mother enrolled her in the Weekly Reader Book Club before she went to school, and provided her with books in all shapes, sizes and genres.

Born and raised in northwestern New Jersey, Susan grew up in a houseful of readers. Trips to the library were frequent, and she always participated in summer reading programs and read-a-thons. (Though getting sponsors, if they knew her voracious appetite for books, wasn't always easy.)

Author Susan Gable writes for Harlequin Superromance. Her stories focus on issues facing today's changing families.



Series Contributed To

A Little Secret

Books (By Release Date)

Order of Release Novella/Book Title Release Date Publisher Note
1 Whose Child? 2004, May HSR #1204 Book Ten in the A Little Secret Series.

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