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Suzanne Brockmann has had books published by Ballantine, Mira, Silhouette, Harlequin, Bantam, and Kensington. Her first book was published in August, 1993 and she has over forty published books. As an author for Loveswept, she published eight novels. Writing for the Harlequin Intrigue imprint, she published one novel.

Suzanne lives west of Boston with her husband. She has two grown children, both of whom are actors. She was director, vocal arranger and one of the lead singers in the Boston-area a cappella group SERIOUS FUN which placed third in the Boston Regional Harmony Sweepstakes in 1998.

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Themes/Subjects/Plot Devices

Suzanne was one of the first authors to successfully concentrate on the Navy SEAL as a hero, particularly the Tall, Dark & Dangerous series for Silhouette and her stand alone titles in the Troubleshooters series published by Ballantine. The TDD series focuses on SEAL Team Ten and each book looks at the romance of a different team member. The Troubleshooters series primarily focuses on the contemporary romance of current and former members of SEAL Team 16 and the agents who have become part of the Troubleshooters team, for example, FBI hostage negotiators, former police officers employed by the former head of SEAL Team 16 who has started his own security company.

The books in the Troubleshooter series also have strong secondary stories. Each book has at least one other romance plot; sometimes the secondary plot is not resolved in one book but is carried over to other books in the series (Sam and Alyssa's story started in the first book of the series and was resolved in Gone Too Far). Also most of the books in the series have a World War II era story interwoven. These stories have been told as flashbacks by the characters who are involved in both the contemporary and 1940s story (The Unsung Hero), as chapters from a biography read by characters in the contemporary story (Out Of Control), or as the plot of a movie being made by the contemporary characters (Hot Target). The books have also dealt with such complex issues as gay men in military settings (Jules Cassidy is a gay FBI agent who appears in many of the series books) and prejudice against people of Middle-Eastern races (Into The Night), as well as the more "traditional' thriller stories of terrorists taking airplanes hostage (Over The Edge, written before 9/11), drug lords (Out Of Control), serial killers (Into The Storm), blackmail, etc. All of this told with a twist of humor that keeps the stories moving along at a fast pace.


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