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Sydney Croft is the pen name for multi-published romantic suspense author Stephanie Tyler and New York Times bestselling paranormal author Larissa Ione. Together they write erotic paranormal action/adventure novels for Bantam Dell.

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  1. Riding The Storm - September 2007 (Bantam Dell)
  2. Unleashing The Storm - March 2008 (Bantam Dell)
  3. Seduced By The Storm - 2008 (Bantam Dell)
  4. "Shadow Play" in Hot Nights, Dark Desires - 2008 (Bantam Dell)
  5. Taming The Fire - 2009 (Bantam Dell)
  6. "Code Word: Storm" in The Mammoth Book of Special Ops Romance - 2010 (Running Press)
  7. Tempting The Fire - August 2010 (Bantam Dell)
  8. Taken By Fire - July 2011 (Bantam Dell)