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Help - I tried to change the heading for Dissertations and I seemed to have messed up the link on the main scholarship page. I don't know how to fix this! -Never mind, I figured out how to undo what I did.

  • There was an entry for Elliott which seemed to be a dissertation, so I've transferred it across to the Dissertation Abstracts page. Hope that's OK.
  • Actually, that one is a hybrid because it is a Master's paper but it is available as an ERIC document. I guess it could go in either spot!

  • Another thought - what about non-English language items. I've only come across a few so far.
  • They'd be good. I haven't come across any, though, but that could be due to the searches I've been doing. Another problem is definitions. I don't know exactly what's covered by the Spanish term 'novela rosa'. Maybe this is the sort of thing that you'd find easier to do on your databases. We could set up yet another page for any non-English-language items, particularly if they're dealing with romance novels that aren't written in English. What do you think?
  • Good idea to set up a separate page. Like I said, I haven't seen too many. Since the databases I have access to all have descriptors in English, I should be able to find the material if it is in the database. I don't expect to find a lot.

  • Christina, you said that 'Everything I have added has been based on items identified in a variety of different databases that I searched so I haven't actually seen them. However, for the most part these citations are reliable. Personally, I think we could do without the **.'

I've been searching the internet, which I think may well be less accurate at times (depending on the source) than academic databases, so that's why I'm being so cautious. I have come across errors, and some of the entries I've put in don't have complete page-references. I wouldn't want to enforce the use of ** on anyone else, but I'd like to carry on using them myself. I was hoping that other people would come along who had seen the items, and that they'd then remove the **. I wonder what other people think. I'm not sure if other people have actually noticed the 'editing talk' page yet. Maybe Eric will come in here sometime and give us his opinion. I'll leave them in for the time-being, but if they're really annoying you or anyone else I can easily take them out.

  • I agree that the internet in general can be less accurate, and I have no problem with leaving in the **.