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Tara Janzen has been writing as Glenna McReynolds since the 1980s. She has written category and fantasy romance novels. She has also been honored multiple times by Romantic Times Magazine. As an author for Loveswept, Glenna McReynolds wrote thirteen romances. Writing as Tara Janzen, the Crazy series is romantic suspense about a group of black-ops agents. This series is being spun off the LOOSE series, which begins with ON THE LOOSE in the fall of 2007 and then CUTTING LOOSE.

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All of the Crazy books are about The Steele Street operatives, a group of agents working out of a "garage" on Steele Street in contemporary Denver, Colorado. Most of the members have known and worked together since they were teenage delinquents stealing cars. Their special abilities have been put to use by the government for antiterrorism and other black-ops. The garage houses their collection of hot-rods, all with women's names, and other gear, as well as their offices and apartments for some of the agents.