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Tease Publishing is a closed submissions publisher committed to literary excellence. Still small, its ideas and innovations, as well as their fantastic authors, have gained them a small but growing niche in the publishing world.

Authors involved with Tease Publishing are dedicated to their work and their careers, using all avenues available to them to promote and sell their work. They are the elite few that have proven they have what it takes to succeed in this industry, but have not had the good fortune to be noticed by a major New York house.

Tease will be focusing on print publications of novels and anthologies, spanning the romance genre from sweet romance to horrotica, and everything else in between. Tease novels and stories push boundaries, open new worlds, and make the reader fall in love.

Consisting of a maximum of 20 full time authors, and several anthology only authors, Tease Publishing has a very specific idea on how a publishing company should be run and how promotions and marketing should be taken care of. Because of this the author number will always remain small, as the publisher is very interested in creating a career for each and every author that's on their roster.

They are located in Swansboro, North Carolina.

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