Temporary Wife - Roberta Leigh

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1975 US Edition
By Roberta Leigh
Publisher Harlequin Presents #109
  Mills & Boon Romance #1045
Release Month Sept 1975 (US)
  Oct 1975 (UK)
Harlequin Presents Series #
Preceded by Pride And Power
Followed by Witchstone
Mills & Boon Romance Series #
Preceded by Dark Isle
Followed by Wheels Of Conflict

Book Description

Emily Lamb thought Luke Adams was attractive and powerful enough to arrange his own marriage--but when her friend Gina Harrick asked her to marry him for business reasons, Emily had her own reasons for agreeing.

It was, of course, to be a temporary marriage of convenience; only Emily hadn't counted on falling in love with Luke. Nor had she suspected that the secret behind the business reasons was the fact that Luke was in love with Gina, his boss's wife . . .

Publication History

Cover Variation (By Release Date)

Sept 1975 <br\>US Edition
Oct 1975 <br\>UK Edition