The Attraction Factor

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Julie knows Marc's the guy for her – after all, tests don't lie and their Attraction Factor is nearly perfect...

At least, it was ten years earlier when Marc was Julie's hunky high school teacher and she took the test in a teen magazine. But now, she's all grown up and is sent from her accounting firm to file his taxes... and what a mess!

To top it off, Marc can't seem to make up his mind whether he's attracted to this bright young woman, all grown up from the flighty teenager he remembers. He runs hot and cold, and Julie's not going to take much more of it – Attraction Factor or not!


  • Nominee, The Franklin Award
  • Nominee, The Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence
  • Finalist, Contemporary Romance, 2001 EPPIE Awards
  • Finalist, Romance, 2001 Independent Publishers Award