The Baby Plan - Susan Gable

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Book Description

What he wants... a baby. A child of his own. Architect Jake Manning more or less raised his younger siblings; he loves kids and knows he's a natural father. However, he's had zero success as a husband. So he comes up with a baby plan, one that requires a woman, but not a wife.

What she needs... money. Security. An education. A home. Harley Emerson might be a crack mechanic, but a false conviction makes jobs hard to come by. She has no family and few friends. Jake's proposition offers her a way to get what she needs. But before she'll agree to have his baby, Harley insists on two things: a marriage of convenience and an "old-fashioned" conception.

What they find... love. Neither of them expected it. Neither knows what to do with it. But sometimes plans change - for the better. Sometimes you need more than you want - and want more than you need.


  • Susan Gable's debut novel was nominated for the "Best First Book" RITA in 2003.