The Beast: Taking Back Control

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No mercy...

Three years ago a ruthless Vampire Fem/Dom ripped Doctor Nathan Greer's throat out and left him for dead. Since then he's lived a shadowed existence, trying to pretend he's still human. All it takes is one slip, one moment of letting his guard down, and he can become what he hates most -- a ruthless killer -- a beast.

Now, after three years of self-denial, he's finding it harder and harder to control the Beast. He has no choice but to seek help from his own kind, much as he despises them. His only hope, Guillermo Perez, Kansas City's Master Vampire, and owner of BDSM club Corazon de la Muerte.

Guillermo is powerful, sexy, and more self-assured than anyone Nathan has ever known. When he went looking for help, the last thing Nathan ever expected was to fall under the spell of this ancient Vamp himself -- and he certainly didn't plan to enjoy himself in another man's arms. It seems Nathan’s still got a thing or two to learn about himself -- and about love.