The Healing

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Book Description

Vampire Julian Van Wyck has enjoyed a successful incarnation as a modern-day musician, but his joys are overshadowed by his mortal wife's death. Having buried his wife, he is ready to join her. Only the loving intervention of his music partner, Dan Wilkinson, keeps him alive. Yet, it's not enough to keep Julian around in this time.

The vampire decides a long sleep will help him forget his pain. Perhaps living in the future, removed from his wife's death, will allow him to continue living. Unfortunately, this decision does more harm than good. Can Julian undo this mistake and find happiness again?


  • 41/2 Hearts from The Romance Studio! "The passions that spark between Dan and Julian is like a thunderstorm - electrifying and blinding. If you are a fan of Ms. Ellwood or are just looking for a new exciting vampire tale to cozy-up to, then this story is for you! This reviewer recommends it. Get your copy of The Healing by Leigh Ellwood now!" - Janalee
  • 4 1/2 Unicorns from Enchanted in Romance! "Ellwood has written a book that is written with vivid emotions that will touch and move the reader. The passion and love can be felt just flowing from the characters...Definitely pick this one up." - Anita
  • 4 Ribbons from Romance Junkies! "Leigh Ellwood always pours such emotion into her lovers, whether they're male/female or male/male in this instance. Julian suffers from his grief and like many, believes happiness will not find him again. While his feelings for Dan are new and different, what they have together will be just as fulfilling and fraught with love as what he had with Jessie if he doesn't wake too late. THE HEALING is Ellwood's first venture into the paranormal and proves her talents are boundless!" - Tracy Marsac [Link To Reviews]