The Parker Project

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Book Description

Subject: Rugged computer programmer Harrison Parker
Family History: Handsome widower/single father hired to help the Extraordinary Five siblings
Deepest Secret: Protecting his true feelings for a woman who could turn his mind from business to pleasure

Time was of the essence and Harrison Parker needed to decode the computer files that would finally reveal the truth about the Extraordinary Five's mysterious pasts. But before he could undertake this top-secret assignment, he needed to find a nanny for his three rambunctious children. Harrison didn't understand what had compelled his youngest son to insist that he hire librarian Maggie Conrad, any more than Harrison knew why he was drawn to the blond-haired beauty who threatened to take his hardened heart by storm. The only thing he knew for certain was that if he let down his guard, Maggie would unravel his self-contained mysteries and decode what really made this single dad tick.