The Silver Sty

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1970 UK Edition
By Sara Seale
Publisher Harlequin Presents #137
  Mills & Boon Romance #468
Release Month Apr 1976 (US)
  May 1970 (UK)
Harlequin Presents Series #
Preceded by The Sun Of Summer
Followed by Satan Took A Bride
Mills & Boon Romance Series #
Preceded by West Of The River
Followed by Fair Horizon

Book Description

Sarah had all kinds of names for the guardian she hadn't seen for years--the G.I. (Guardian of Innocence), The Myth, Poor Fish -- just as she had all kinds of ingenious plans to get rid of him when he came. She wanted no interference in her young life.

Unfortunately, in a mistaken moment of confidence, she told James Fane all about them, before she knew who he was.

James was amused--but as her guardian, he was quite prepared to be firm!

Publication History

Cover Variation (By Release Date)

May 1970 <br\>UK Edition
Apr 1976 <br\>US Edition