The Three Lands

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The Three Lands is a series of fantasy novels and short fiction by Dusk Peterson on friendship, romance, and betrayal in wartime. Although the focus of the series is on male friendship, heterosexual romance plays an important role in the series. LGBTQ characters appear in some stories in the series.

The description of the series is as follows:

Koretia, Emor, and Daxis were all founded on the same day, but as the centuries have passed, the Three Lands of the Great Peninsula have become increasingly divided by religion, government, and culture. Koretians worship many gods, Daxions worship one goddess, and Emorians revere only their law. Emorians claim that Koretians are vicious and superstitious, Koretians think that Daxions are vile oath-breakers, and Daxions charge that Emorians abuse their children and slaves.
If a god were to appear in the Three Lands, would his appearance bring an end to the fighting between nations? Or would he merely help to spark an inferno of war?
As the inhabitants of the Three Lands struggle to adjust to the appearance of an unexpected visitor into the human world, two people will play crucial roles in the conflict. One is a young Emorian--clever, courageous, and affectionate--who will come to understand the Koretians with a depth and intimacy that few others of his land can match. The second person is a young Koretian whom the Emorian will seek to destroy.

The otherworld fantasy setting of the series is inspired by conflicts between nations during the Roman Empire and the Dark Ages.

Multicultural and interracial storylines are important in the series. Religion plays a central role in the series.

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