Twin Flame

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Book Description

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here...

Erin Alsace has a major attitude problem. Her family legacy’s a curse, passed down through the ages. Erin doesn’t just like sex. She craves it. Needs it to survive, to keep the madness at bay. Her choices: endless, meaningless sex, or insanity and death.

Enter Justus Fehr. Against all logic, Justus insists Erin is his soul mate, his twin flame. She’d like to believe him. She really would. Problem is, if she has sex with Justus more than twice, he’ll die.

But Justus isn’t just any lover. Justus is a wizard of the House of Devon. Justus vows to find a cure for the curse -- even if his search takes him to the underworld and a hellish nightmare of vengeance centuries old.