Twin Temptations

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Twin Temptations (Good-Time Boys, #4)
  • Author: Carol Lynne
  • Publisher: Total-E-Bound
  • ISBN: 978-1-906328-40-5
  • Year: October 15, 2007
  • Genre: M/M/F Contemporary; Gay
  • Characters: Ryker Good, Ranger Good, Lilly Bevin
  • Setting: Summerville, Nebraska
  • Amazon Listing:

Book Description

Series: Book four in the Good-time Boys Series.

For twins, Ryker and Ranger Good, life has never been easy. Kicked out of the house when they were barely eighteen, the brothers started a new life, together. Now in their thirties they are ready to make a commitment, not only to each other but to the woman they’ve waited to claim for four years.

Lilly Bevin’s has been in love with the Good twins for years, only to be treated like a child by them. Now twenty-one, Lilly’s ready to spread her wings. Working in the town bar is just one of the ways she’s declaring her independence, dating is the other.

When the twins find out the woman they want is dating a smarmy hustler they try to talk some sense into her, only to be told to butt out. Now it’s up to them to tame their wildcat and bring her into the fold of their love. A wildcat, however, has claws and Lilly isn’t shy about using hers to her advantage.

Reader Advisory: This book contains a twincest relationship (M/M sex scenes) as well as M/M/F scenes.


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