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Diablo, Keta Author Category: D

Keta Diablo writes for Phaze Publishing, Noble Romance, Ravenous Romance and Decadent Publishing. She lives in the Midwest portion of the U.S. and loves to blog, read and garden when she isn't writing.

On the Web [1] [Keta's Haunt] [2] [Keta Diablo] [3] [Keta's Keep Blog] [4] [GLBT Blog] [5] [Twitter]

Books - Erotic Romance

Decadent Deceptions, 2008, Noble Romance, [6] Land of Falling Stars, 2008 Ravenous Romance, [7] Dust and Moonlight, 2008, One Romance E-books, [8] Holding On To Heaven, 2010,, [9] Where The Rain Is Made, 2010, Decadent Publishing, [10]

Novellas - Gay Fiction Blood Oath, Amber Quill Press, [11] Boys of the Bite, 2009, Ravenous Romance, [12] Crossroads, 2009, Phaze Publishing, [13] Crossroads Revisited, 2009, Phaze Publishing,[] Crossroads: Showdown, [14] Crossroads: Shadowland, [15] Hot and Sticky, Amber Quill Press, [16] Lip Service, Noble Romance, [17] Long, Hard Ride, Decadent Publishing, [18] Magnolia Heat, Noble Romance, [19] Spank Me Twice, 2009, Noble Romance, [20] The Devil's Heel, Noble Romance, [21] The Sin Eater's Prince, Ravenous Romance, [22] Valentine's Vindication, 2009, Noble Romance, [23]

Series: Crossroads, Crossroads Revisited, Crossroads: Showdown Crossroads: Shadowland, two additional novellas coming soon!


Decadent Deceptions, 2008 Molly Contest Finalist Stella Cameron's 2009 Scarlet Boa Contest