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Hi Teresa,

Responding to your question on "Medical Romance". There are a few ways to add books to lists. One, as you've seen is the manual "by the numbers" listing. However, a better choice for what I think you're trying to accomplish is a "Category". I love categories as they allow you to slice and dice tags as you need. Here is the link to the main Special:Categories page. As you can see, books can be tagged with lots of different descriptors. There is already a category created: Medical Romance as well as sub-categories that relate to this (I need to associate those with the main category).

So, when you create a book page, if you assign the proper category, it will automatically populate that page. If you'd like to talk more about the Medical Romance in general, you can create a narrative if you'd like and also link to the category. If this is all confusing to you (and it was to me when I first started -- we're all doing a lot of learning by trial and error as we decide the best way to present information), let me know and I can help get you started -- I like to try new things for myself first (and make mistakes), but I realize I'm a strange one...most people don't like the "error" part of trial and error (G).--Romancewiki 22:14, 18 March 2008 (PDT)