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Hi. I added some books in the Sorry about the previous edit.

I just don't know how to edit the Page title.

I also added another page

Hi. I'm not really sure about the numberings because it was just emailed to me by a friend. Just delete the pages please if M&B said they aren't numbering the Modern Romance anymore. Thanks!

Hi. Sure I'm interested in collaborative work. :) I'm not doing anything so I can help you with whatever you want me to do. :D

Hi There

Thanks for the offer to help. Let's line that really needs help is Harlequin Romance. I've never touched it because I don't know much about the line, and I don't think any titles have been added past 2009. So those need to be updated. Otherwise, I fell behind in adding book pages last year, and while I'm mostly caught up on Intrigue, Romantic Suspense, Superromance and Blaze, most of the book pages for 2011 Silhouette Special Edition and Silhouette Desire titles need to be added. So those might be good places to get caught up in terms of recent titles, if you want. Thanks! --Leigh


I added covers on the A Century Of American Dreams page and don't know if it's possible to format the layout differently so that they maybe fall into three rows of four instead of all twelve stretching across the page. Any ideas? Thanks!--Leigh

Done--greenstrawberry1982 14:50, 28 February 2012 (PST)


I had a book with me by Paula Roe's Boardrooms & A Billionaire Heir. It's published by Harlequin Mills & Boon and it has an imprint of Desire. Some of the books I had had the word Sexy in it's cover so I assume this particular book is under Desire imprint.

When I tried to find in here, it was in the Silhouette Desire imprint and the book I had is not a Silhouette book. It was published June 2008 with the series number 1612. Is it under the Mills & Boon Desire?

The title you have is an Harlequin Mills & Boon Desire, Australian publication. currently there is no numerical listing of these titles under the Australian imprint on this site. Also, the title you have was published in the USA under Silhouette Desire #1867 and in the UK under Mills & Boon Desire #273.
In regards to what you were saying about the word sexy in some of your other books, these are also austrialian/new zealand publications under Harlequin Mills & Boon Sexy Imprint. There is a numerical listing of these books on romancewiki.
As you can see the title you have mentioned has different publication info for each country and it may be confusing to decide which publication goes on the top of the page (US, AUS, or UK, etc.) When adding a book page you can choose to do the following:
1) Add the book information YOU have. So that would be book info. from the Australian copy you have. Even if the mills & boon UK book links to the page it is ok. The next person who comes along and wants to add the UK version of the book, just needs to decide if UK info should go on top and the AUS info needs to be moved into a publication history section based on release date.
or 2) At the top of the book page, you add book info. from first paperback release, regardless of country. For harlequin category romance this is usually the US edition or UK edition depending on the imprint. You than add any later publications from the US, AUS, or UK in the Publication History section.
You can choose to do 2) if you feel like doing more work. At some point, if this site gets big enough, someone will have to go back and alter entries like 1) to change it to the first paperback release, but the choice is yours. I believe I am currently the only person who does 2). So no bad feelings or judgement if you decide to do 1). :) One of the reasons I haven't been adding any book pages for awhile it that 2) takes a long time for me.
FYI, the reason why I say the first paperback release goes on top, is because a hardback version for libraries usually gets printed first, but is not really what a reader is looking for because they are usually reading/have the paperback or e-book version.
Hope this answers your question, if not, just tell me what else you need to know or restate the question. Thanks for all the additions.--greenstrawberry1982 19:56, 3 March 2012 (PST)

HI Again

Thanks for that info. I only did a few book pages myself but the last one I did, the Champagne Spring of Margaret Rome, I did try to put all the publication history of the book. It involves a lot of work but I think it's much better to complete a book page as much as possible. I did one today but I accidentally close it. :-/

I'm trying to do the Harlequin Romance titles. I hope I can do a few more these days. I'll ask some questions again if ever I'll encounter some. Thanks!

Oh yeah! There is another question. How would you know if a title is UK or US realeased? I was thinking that if it's published under Harlequin, it's a US release. I became confused when I saw Margaret Way's Outback Man Seeks Wife with a Harlequin Romance cover and the ISBN of that particular release is UK edition.

Hi Sorry, I've taken so long to reply to this question. Apparently, Romancewiki didn't let me know there was a change to this page. A title is a US release if the ISBN-13 or ISBN-10 starts with 978-03XXXXXXXX or 03XXXXXXXX. A title is a UK release if the ISBN-13 or ISBN-10 starts with 978-02XXXXXXXX or 02XXXXXXXX. A title is a AUS release if the ISBN-13 or ISBN-10 starts with 978-07XXXXXXXX or 07XXXXXXXX.--greenstrawberry1982 21:38, 3 September 2012 (PDT)