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International best-selling author, Valerie Parv, has sold more than twenty-nine million copies of her books which have been widely translated, including into manga, and are now available as ebooks. Valerie is the first Australian writer to receive a Pioneer Award from RT Book Reviews, New York, for her contributions to the field of romance writing. She also proudly serves as an Australia Day Ambassador. Living not far from Australia's capital city, Canberra, she loves nothing better than stretching her writing wings. Valerie has written over 50 novels, 24 non-fiction titles, dozens of short stories in major magazines, and has a movie script currently in pre-production. Not known for her sporting prowess, she finds it extraordinary being featured in the sports pages of her local newspaper when her team wins at indoor bowls.

She has set a number of romantic suspense novels in the fictional island kingdom of Carramer, in the process creating an extensive history, national anthem and royal family tree. Add in an isolated south pacific location and Carramer is the ideal backdrop for Valerie's latest book, BIRTHRIGHT, featuring what fantasy author, Erica Hayes calls, "aliens and evil astronauts" with a side serve of "deadly intrigue, delectable romance, mind bending alien politics and first contact on a tropical island paradise." The aliens will continue their adventures in two related novels now in the works.

The State Library of New South Wales archives Valerie's papers, including manuscripts of her works and correspondence, and she was described by New Woman magazine as "One of the planet's most widely read romance fiction writers."



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