Valley Deep, Mountain High

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1976 UK Edition
By Anne Mather
Publisher Harlequin Presents #173
  Mills & Boon Romance #1128
Release Month Jan 1977 (US)
  May 1976 (UK)
Harlequin Presents Series #
Preceded by Roman Affair
Followed by The Burning Sands
Mills & Boon Romance Series #
Preceded by Dear Sir
Followed by Wife Made To Measure

Book Description

"Andrea," the voice began, "I told you once that I didn't care to be mistaken for a fortune-hunter. So, with your father's permission, I contrived to play a little trick on you...."

The tape continued to turn, but Andrea heard nothing more. It had all been planned, a calculated exercise to teach her a lesson.

And even after all she had learned, Andrea found it incredibly difficult to stop thinking about Axel --to face the future when she was never to see him again!

Publication History

Cover Variation (By Release Date)

May 1976 <br\>UK Edition
Jan 1977 <br\>US Edition