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Vamp Camp is a series of four romance novels by Wynn Wagner. The series is published by Dreamspinner Press.

The books chronicle the adventures and misadventures of Mårten Larsson, a young man from a small Texas town who was a soldier in the American Expeditionary Forces of World War One. Through is ineptness as a weather forecaster, his commanding officer made him fly one of his own weather blimps. The airship was shot down over Germany, and Mårten became a prisoner of war. A German guard turned him into a vampire but abandoned him before telling him anything useful about his new "life."

Vampires in the Vamp Camp series are civilized. They police their own and take blood only from volunteers. Through the course of the four books, Mårten meets and loves several other male vampires.

The author has an affinity for first-person narratives, and this series is no exception. Each book is told by the protagonist, Mårten Larsson. The setting is Germany, and Mårten's command of that language is dismal. It is a kind of running joke throughout the series.

Vamp Camp was originally supposed to be a trilogy. The author was hospitalized for five months in 2010, and the story of the fourth book -- Fangs over America -- took shape then. The cover artist -- Reese Dante -- pokes fun at the author by putting the word TRILOGY and scratching it out to write in "#4" above it.

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