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When Hearts Collide

Reviews for When Hearts Collide

"When Hearts Collide is the kind of book that you can sit down and read cover to cover without stopping. I found the book to be very well written. A very beautiful love story about two people meeting again for the first time in ten years and finding that they have more in common than either believed was possible. I enjoyed this book so much that I actually read it twice before sitting down to write this review. If you are into the erotic scene, this is a book that I would highly recommend that you read as well as add to your keeper shelf. If you are offended by love scenes and the explicit telling of those love scenes you might want to skip this book. All in all I highly recommend this book."--Darlene Howard - from Escape to Romance.com

"This was one of the most passionate books I have ever read. It wasn't just erotic, it was very, very romantic. But with sizzling sex scene after sex scene. The plot worked well and was easy to understand. The characters were very realistic. It was overall just a great read! The day I went to the book store and got this book, I bought three others. I haven't made it past the first two chapters in any of them. But I've gone back and read this book almost three times! This is a must!" --An Amazon.com reviewer

"If you like erotica, you will love this book by Marilyn Jaye Lewis. She creates love scenes between these two lovers that make you feel like you are there. The story and love scenes will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride of hate and lust. Rating: 3 Hearts" --Traci Amor - The Romance Studio.com

"The story is surprisingly believable, and the characters deep, likeable and intriguing. Lewis not only manages to tell a great story, but one overflowing with hot sex scenes. Writing good sex is harder than it may sound, and writing a great novel is close to impossible, yet Lewis does both amazingly well. When Hearts Collide is sure to be a hit. If anyone can make this new genre of erotic romance a steaming success, it will definitely be Marilyn Jaye Lewis." --Cara Bruce - from Eros-Guide.com

"The story flowed and was believable, I'd highly recommend this book. The sex scenes were varied, plentiful and HOT! I'm looking forward to other books by this author..." --Marie Paul - from Sensual Romance.com