When the Night Stood Still

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"Marilyn Jaye Lewis takes the reader on an elegant and steamy ride from the Academy Awards in Hollywood to a rehab clinic in Denmark...from a yacht sailing off the Atlantic coastline to the streets of New York. That journey is all in a book that can be devoured in one sitting--one very sexy sitting.

"When the Night Stood Still weaves a story about love and lust and, true to the romance genre, love does conquer all. Jared Warren, a powerful movie producer, is suddenly in a downward financial spiral, while John Shay, a noted novelist, is trying to pull himself up from the bottom of a bottle of scotch. Between them is the young but talented fast-rising star, Lillie Diver, a woman driven by the desire to be more than her down-and-out mother.

"Lewis makes Hollywood and the lives of these Tinsel Town players real. The story of these three misfits is woven expertly through flashbacks and glimpses of the glamorous and not-so-glamorous lives of the people on the silver screen." --Mitzi Flyte, The Irregular, May 2004

"Gone are the days when romance novels were rife with euphemisms and veiled references to sex. Writers like Marilyn Jaye Lewis show us that passion and romance are not mutually exclusive and that women aren't as squeamish about sex scenes as publishers have always believed...

"Marilyn Jaye Lewis has been crafting erotic tales since 1989 and though her short stories earned her a reputation that eventually won her the title of London's "Erotic Writer of the Year" in 2001, it's her novels that now demonstrate what a talented writer she is. My personal favorite is her latest, When the Night Stood Still, about a Hollywood love triangle that combines glamour, sex, and true love in a way traditional romance novels never do. " --Sage Vivant, Custom Erotica Source.com

What a blast! 5 Stars!

"This book was just plain fun! A pure escapist tale, perfect after those stressful days at the office, this book took my imagination for a delightful ride. All three main characters were fascinating. The main female character, Lillie Driver, kept reminding me of Audrey Hepburn. I couldn't help cheering for her. All the various settings provided me with a glimpse into 'how the other half lives'. The sex scenes were well-written and HOT! If you are looking for something fun to unwind with, When the Night Stood Still should be your first choice."

Kathy Kulig, an author and avid reader: An extremely erotic and engaging story

When the Night Stood Still is a steamy, voyeuristic ride behind the scenes of Hollywood's elite. It's a story of lust, power, love and hate. Marilyn Jaye Lewis eloquently portrays the deep emotions and obsessions of her characters. The plot is fast paced and well crafted. The sex scenes are vivid, arousing and beautifully written. Highly recommended."