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Will Belegon is in his element as an author of erotic romance. It combines his love of moonlit beaches and first kisses with his passion for steamy sex and wraps them all up in a collection of words that conjure the most delicious imagery. (The attentions of the predominantly female readership had absolutely nothing to do with Will’s desire to write for the genre. *wink*)

In addition to erotic romance, Will writes both poetry and erotica, some of which can be found at Literotica where his story Wingman received an award for the Best Erotic Couplings Story of 2004. His character of MacCailein Mor in The Interrogation (also at Literotica) was nominated as the Sexiest Male Character for 2005.

Will has teamed up with Alessia Brio on several collaborations, including Switch and Amichu (Phaze, 2006) and Artistically Inclined (Venus Press, 2006), with more being planned. He is an active contributor to the Coming Together anthology series, the proceeds of which are donated to charitable and free speech organizations. Plus, he pens custom erotica and poetry through Literary Metro.

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