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;Genz, Carole, 2005. : "Romance Revisited: Transformations of the Marital Love Triangle in Women’s Fictions." PhD thesis, University of Stirling, Department of English Studies.
;Genz, Carole, 2005. : "Romance Revisited: Transformations of the Marital Love Triangle in Women’s Fictions." PhD thesis, University of Stirling, Department of English Studies.
;Gerlitz, Laura Michelle, 2019. : "Judging a Book By Its Cover: Bringing the Digital Humanities into Reader’s Advisory", MA thesis, Digital Humanities and Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta. ["This study sets out to examine recurring themes found on book wrappers published by Harlequin in their first seventeen years [1949-1968] [...]. The resulting patterns will be connected to reader’s advisory as appeal factors in successful book selection by readers."] [https://era.library.ualberta.ca/items/f51462bd-47aa-48ae-8fe7-57db23a6019d/view/89cf31f4-04e7-40d8-ae68-1246d36134f9/Gerlitz_Laura_M_201903_MLISMA.pdf]
;Glennemeier, Jaelyn, 2018. : “And he was an Arab!:” Imperial Femininity and Pleasure in E. M. Hull's 1919 Desert Romance, ''The Sheik''', Honors thesis, University of Kansas. [https://kuscholarworks.ku.edu/handle/1808/26639 Abstract and link to pdf].
;Glennemeier, Jaelyn, 2018. : “And he was an Arab!:” Imperial Femininity and Pleasure in E. M. Hull's 1919 Desert Romance, ''The Sheik''', Honors thesis, University of Kansas. [https://kuscholarworks.ku.edu/handle/1808/26639 Abstract and link to pdf].

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Some of the items listed below are freely available online, but most are not. More details for many of them are available via the ProQuest Database but this is accessible only by subscription.

Abdullah-Poulos, Layla, 2016. 
“Muslim Love American Style: Islamic-American Hybrid Culture and Native-Born American Black Muslim Romance.” MA thesis, SUNY Empire State College, 2016.Excerpt
Adams, Kathleen Barzun, 2003. 
Thirty years of change : heroes, heroines, and the popular romance. Thesis (M.A.)--Trinity College.
Achieng’, Okang’a Nancy, 2017. 
"A Cosmopolitan National Romance: A Study of In Dependence by Sarah Ladipo Manyika." MA thesis, Faculty of Humanities, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.[1] [About an African novel which it seems might or might not be a romance, depending on how one defines "African romance" (since the author argues that African romance is more expansive than the US definition).]
Al-Bataineh, Afaf Badr, 1998. 
"The modern Arabic novel: a literary and linguistic analysis of the genre of popular fiction, with special reference to translation from English." Ph.D., Heriot-Watt.[2] [From the abstract at the "Index to Theses" website: "critical insights should enable us to form an overall picture of how the subject of my case study (Mills & Boon and its translation into Arabic) is viewed in the languages and cultures concerned: this particular genre has not been acceptable to the Western literary establishment until recently, and is not acceptable to the Arabic critical establishment even today. [...] Chapter Eight presents a detailed analysis of a Mills & Boon novel in English and its translation into Arabic."]
Allport, Tanya, 1988. 
Female journeys :the place of Jane Eyre and "Mills and Boon" in the search for women's existential space. Thesis (MA--English)--University of Auckland.
Anderton, Gretchen E., 2009. 
Excitement, adventure, indifference: Romance readers' perceptions of how romance reading impacts their sex lives. Ed.D., Widener University, 2009 , 165 pages; AAT 3383833
Araujo, Gail, 2009. 
Living to read romance: The transformative potential of interpretive practice in romance reading. M.A., California State University, Fullerton. Abstract.
Avila, Debbie Maria, 2005. 
"The Romance Novel of the 1930s and 1940s in Spain and Portugal: The Cases of Carmen de Icaza and Alice Ogando." U of California Irvine (Dissertation Abstracts International, Section A: The Humanities and Social Sciences 66.7:2572)
Backman, Nelina Esther, 1999. 
"Evangelism Embarrassed: Christian Literature in a post-Christian Culture." Ph.D. dissertation, Brown University, United States -- Rhode Island. Publication No. AAT 9932368. [Includes some discussion of "contemporary evangelical romance fiction."]
Balducci, Federica. 2011. 
A Different Shade of Pink: Literary Thresholds and Cultural Intersections in Italian Chick Lit. A thesis submitted to the Victoria University of Wellington in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Italian. [3] [See the section on 'Italian popular romance: romanzo rosa and its evolution', pp. 67-83.]
Barletta, Sandra Anne, 2008. 
A first kiss is still a first kiss: romancing the mid-life reader and heroine : A basic renovation. Thesis (M.A.(Research))--Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, 2008. Abstract and link to pdf. [Pages 1-29 are analysis of "a neglected demographic of reader and heroine who are marginalised within the romance genre. As well, it gives reasons why heroines need not be characterised in particular roles or situations as they age, and a rationale for why their underrepresentation as romance heroines should end." A Basic Renovation is a romance novel written by Barletta and included in the thesis which was "Submitted in partial fulfilment of the requirement for the degree of Master of Creative Writing (romance)."]
Barletta, Sandra A., 2014. 
Cougars, Grannies, Evil Stepmothers, and Menopausal Hot Flashers: Roles, Representations of Age, and the Non-traditional Romance Heroine. PhD thesis in Creative Writing and Literary Studies, Queensland University of Technology. [4]
Barra, Andrea Cipriano, 2014. 
Beyond the Bodice Ripper: Innovation and Change in the Romance Novel Industry. PhD dissertation in Sociology, Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Abstract and link to pdf
Benjamin, Sarah, 1999. 
"The Theory of 'Identity Dissonance': Mass Communication, Romance Fiction, and the Self-Concept." M.A. dissertation, York University (Canada), Canada. Publication No. AAT MQ43370.[5]
Beyer, Jennifer Ann Perry, 2000. 
The romance novel revolution :a study of criticisms and readers. Thesis (M.A.)--Bemidji State University.
Billekens, F.G.W., 2019. 
Never Mind Me When There's You: The Submission Of The Heroine In YA Supernatural Romance Fiction, Bachelor's Thesis, Utrecht University. Abstract and link to pdf
Blanding, Cristen, 2005. 
Interracial romance novels and the resolution of racial difference. Thesis (M.A.)--Bowling Green State University. Abstract and PDF
Böhmová, Petra, 2012. 
"Contemporary American Christian Fiction: Young and Rivers." Diploma thesis, Masaryk University Brno, Faculty of Education, Department of English Language and Literature. [6] [One of the novels discussed is Francine Rivers' Redeeming Love.]
Brasileiro Neves, 2014. 
"ROMANCES DE BOLSO: A novela romântica da Harlequin Books no mercado editorial brasileiro", Trabalho de pesquisa de mercado apresentado ao Departamento de Comunicação Social, da Universidade Católica de Pernambuco, como requisito para a obtenção do grau de bacharelado em Publicidade e Propaganda, Recife. [7]
Breeden, Amanda L., 2007. 
Neo romance :gender renegotiation in Harlequin romance novels. Thesis (M.A.)--University of Northern Iowa.
Bryson, Mary, 2004. 
Public Library Services to the Romance Reader: An Online Survey of Romance Readers. A Master’s paper for the M.S. in L.S. degree - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. May, 2004. [8]
Buckley, Julia, 2010. 
"The Door To Wonderland: How Mary Stewart’s Literary Voice Influenced 20th Century Romantic Suspense." MA thesis, Elmhurst College.[9]
Bun, Jennifer C., 2007. 
"The Effects of Romance Novel Readership on Relationship Beliefs, Romantic Ideals, and Relational Satisfaction." Honors Thesis - Boston College. Full text
Burge, Amy, 2012. 
"Desiring the East: A Comparative Study of Middle English Romance and Modern Popular Sheikh Romance." PhD thesis, University of York. [Abstract and pdf available here.]
Burley, Stephanie Carol., 2003. 
"Hearts of Darkness: The Racial Politics of Popular Romance." U of Maryland, College Park (Dissertation Abstracts International, Section A: The Humanities and Social Sciences 64.6: 2082)
Burnside, Mary Elizabeth, 1996. 
"The novels of Mills and Boon in the post-war period." M.Phil., Hull.[10]
Bywaters, Barbara Lee, 1989. 
"'Re-reading Jane': Jane Austen's legacy to twentieth-century women writers'. PhD thesis. Bowling Green State University. Details at BGSU library. A short excerpt of this thesis seems to be available in Georgette Heyer: A Critical Retrospective. Ed. Mary Fahnestock-Thomas. Saraland, AL: PrinnyWorld, 2001. 493-508.
Capps, Stephanie Carol, 2017. 
"What You Read and What You Believe: Genre Exposure and Beliefs about Relationships". Master of Science thesis. University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma, 2017. [11] [This seems very similar to an article with the same title published the next year. The primary author may have changed their lastname: http://psycnet.apa.org/doiLanding?doi=10.1037%2Faca0000189 ]
Carmichael, Lynn P., 1985. "A Romantic Past
A Study of Historical Romance as a Form of Recreational Fiction in Public Libraries." M.A. thesis, South Australian Institute of Technology.
Chappel, Deborah Kaye, 1992. 
"American Romances: Narratives of Culture and Identity" Duke University, Dissertation Abstracts International52 (8): 2923A-24A.
Christian, Linda Kathryn. 1984.
"'Becoming a Woman through Romance: Adolescent Novels and the Ideology of Femininity'." U. of Wisconsin, Madison (Dissertation Abstracts International: Section A: The Humanities and Social Sciences) 45.5: 1282.
Clawson, Laura, 1998. 
"Covering genres: romance, science-fiction/fantasy, pleasure, and respectability." Thesis (B.A., Honors, American Studies, English)--Wesleyan University, 1998. Special Collections: Wesleyan (Thesis), Call Number: 1998 C617 ["my senior honors thesis at Wesleyan was about romance and sci-fi, and how academics tended to treat sci-fi as literature and romances as a cultural phenomenon to be explained." (from an interview at Smart Bitches Trashy Books) ]
Close, Lisa. 2008. 
Functional analysis of the contemporary folkloric vampire. Thesis (M.A.)--Brigham Young University. Dept. of English, 2008. [References Nora Roberts' Circle Trilogy: see abstract in Brigham Young University library's catalog.]
Coddington, Lynn, 1997. 
"Romance and Power: Writing Romance Novels as a Practice of Critical Literacy." Ph.D. dissertation, University of California, Berkeley, United States -- California. Publication No. AAT 9803158.
Colemnero, Laura Elizabeth, 1999. 
"The social construction of gender as represented in popular fiction, 1990-1997." Ph.D. dissertation, South Dakota State University, Publication No. AAT 9924280. [Includes analysis of Johanna Lindsey's Gentle Rogue.]
Collier, Kathryn (Kizzi), 2018. 
"My Chemical Erotic Romance: A Deeper Look into Women’s Lustful Fantasies." A Division III Project, Hampshire College.[12]
Cortesi, Taylor D., 2013. 
"'Traitorous Bodies': Cartesian Dualism in Romance Novels by Susan Johnson and E. L. James." M. Lit. thesis, Texas State University - San Marcos. Abstract and link to pdf.
Davis, Mary Louise, 1986. 
'Romances and the Modern Ms.: a Study of Contemporary (Line) Romances, 1980-1984.' Ph.D. diss., University of Southern California.(Dissertation Abstracts International, Section A:The Humanities and Social Sciences) 47.11, p. 4108.
Davis, Storme G. 2008. 
Nora Roberts: descendant of Jane Austen and Charlotte Brontë?: a thesis presented to the faculty of the Graduate School, Tennessee Technological University. Thesis (M.A.)--Tennessee Technological University, 2008.
DiVisconte, Jessica, 2009. 
The Recession and Its Effect on the Romance Genre. Master of Science in Publishing. Paper 16. Dyson College of Arts & Sciences, Pace University. Abstract and link to pdf.
Donalson, Tara A., 2005. 
The Parody of Romance. MA Thesis, Graduate School of The University of Texas at Arlington. ["I look at the parallel formulas found in secular and inspirational romance fiction, searching how inspirational romance evangelizes and gives spiritual instruction to its readers."] Abstract and link to pdf.
Downey, Kristin, 2005. 
"Irony, Ideology, and Resistance: The Amazing Double Life of Harlequin Presents", McMaster University, (Dissertation Abstracts International, Section A: The Humanities and Social Sciences 66.10:3640.
Dryden, Therese Michelle, 2011. 
"Bachelor Dad on Her Doorstep." MPhil Thesis, University of Newcastle (Australia). [This dissertation is in two parts: the first has been published as Bachelor Dad on Her Doorstep, "a Harlequin Mills & Boon Sweet Romance" under the pseudonym "Michelle Douglas" and is therefore not available online. The "accompanying exegesis discusses the conventions and constraints of the popular romance genre. It explores the challenges presented to a writer in creating and maintaining emotional intensity in a popular genre romance and the need to provide a satisfying and credible ending to that romance" and it can be downloaded from here.]
Dummer, Kathleen Ann. 1990. 
A study of character development of main characters in young adult category romance literature. Thesis (M.S.)--University of Wyoming.
Dunnion, Janne May, 1997. 
Mapping Normalcy: Romance and the Postmodern Body, MA thesis, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the Univesity of Toronto. ["The main focus of this thesis is an examination of the constitution of the female body within the location of popular culture, specifically Harlequin Enterprises and popular romance novels."] Details and link to pdf
Elliott, Margaret A., 1996. 
'The Librarian's Stereotyped Image in Romance Novels, 1980-1995: Has the Image Changed?', Master's Research Paper, Kent State University. ERIC Document ED401924. Abstract and PDF
English, Jessica, 2017. 
“Reading the Romance: Through the Eyes of a Millenial Feminist.” Masters Thesis. Eastern Washington University. [13]
Faust, Meredith S., 2010. 
""Love of the purest kind": Heteronormative rigidity in the homoerotic fiction of Ann Herendeen" (2010). Theses and Dissertations. Paper 41. MA thesis from DePaul University. Details and PDF.
Fekete, Maleah, 2016. 
"Social Differences in Taste: Investigating Romance Reading." 2016 SURF Conference Proceedings [This is a conference paper but outlines the direction of a larger project. The student has a supervisor.][14]
Fenty, Linda D. 1987. 
"A Comparative Analysis of Female Role Models in Selected Contemporary Teen Romances." Auburn University (Dissertation Abstracts International) 48, no. 8: 2007A-2007A. Auburn University Library Catalog details.
Fera-VanGent, Tania, 2005
'Popular Romance Novels: Seeking out the 'Sisterhood'." M.A. diss., Brock University (Canada).[15]
Flesch, Juliet, 2001. 
From Australia with love :Australian romance novels, 1950-2000. Thesis (Ph.D)--Dept. of History (Women's Study), University of Melbourne.
Fletcher, Lisa, 2002. 
I love you :historical romance fiction and heterosexuality. Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Melbourne.
Funderburk, Amy, 2004. 
Romance Collections in North Carolina Public Libraries: Are All Genres Treated Equally? A Master’s Paper for the M.S. in L.S. degree. - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, April, 2004. [16]
Gardner, Dora Abigail, 2019. 
'Defending the Bodice Ripper', MA thesis, Eastern Kentucky University. Excerpt
Garza, Raquel M, ???? (possibly 2011). 
“Don’t tell me I don’t know what Love is”: A Comparative Study on Heterosexual and Homosexual Romance Novels Longwood University, [probably submitted as part of a Bachelor's degree in Communication Studies with a concentration in Public Relations and Organizational Communication]. [17]
Geib, Aleta Esther. 1986. 
Changing heroes: depictions of the male sex role in category romance novels, 1976-1983. Thesis (M.A.)--Ohio State University.
Genz, Carole, 2005. 
"Romance Revisited: Transformations of the Marital Love Triangle in Women’s Fictions." PhD thesis, University of Stirling, Department of English Studies.
Gerlitz, Laura Michelle, 2019. 
"Judging a Book By Its Cover: Bringing the Digital Humanities into Reader’s Advisory", MA thesis, Digital Humanities and Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta. ["This study sets out to examine recurring themes found on book wrappers published by Harlequin in their first seventeen years [1949-1968] [...]. The resulting patterns will be connected to reader’s advisory as appeal factors in successful book selection by readers."] [18]
Glennemeier, Jaelyn, 2018. 
“And he was an Arab!:” Imperial Femininity and Pleasure in E. M. Hull's 1919 Desert Romance, The Sheik', Honors thesis, University of Kansas. Abstract and link to pdf.
Goade, Sally Ann, 1999. 
"'And With the Land, Our Spirits So Blended': Interrelated Frontier Quests of Self in Contemporary Historical Romance. A Study of Rosanne Bittner's 'Savage Destiny' series", Idaho State U, (Dissertation Abstracts International, Section A: The Humanities and Social Sciences 60.4:1132).
Goris, An, 2011. 
From Romance to Roberts and Back Again: genre, authorship and the construction of textual identity in contemporary popular romance novels." PhD thesis, University of Leuven. Abstract and Index Pdf
Gorry, April Marie, 1999. 
"Leaving Home for Romance: Tourist Women's Adventures Abroad," PhD thesis, University of California, Santa Barbara.[19] [This is an anthropology PhD but Chapter 5 (pages 195-240) presents "the results of a survey of 45 popular romance novels dating from 1977 to 1996 [...] it is principally intended to test the validity of findings generated by my field survey of romance tourism.]
Gregor, Theresa Lynn, 2010. 
From Captors to Captives: American Indian Responses to Popular American Narrative Forms. Ph.D. thesis from University of Southern California. [Available from here. See the section on "Savage Obsession and Dreamquest: The Cultural Work of Contemporary Mass-Marketed American/Indian Romances," pages 175-186. Discusses novels by Cassie Edwards and Janet Wellington.]
Griffin, Linda Coleman, 1999. 
"An Analysis of Meaning Creation through the Integration of Sociology and Literature: A Critical Ethnography of a Romance Reading Group." U of Houston, (Dissertation Abstracts International, Section A: The Humanities and Social Sciences, 60.4: 1117.)
Güvendi Yalçın, Elif, 2018. 
"The Transformation of Romance Novels Based on the Theories of Sociologist Anthony Giddens," Istanbul Aydin University Institute of Social Sciences. Abstract [Based on analysis of "three medieval romances’s content— Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe (1920), Kathleen Woodowiss’ The Wolf and the Dove (1974), and Amanda Quick’s Mystique (1995)"]
Hall, Glinda Fountain. 2008.
A genre of our own: the cultural work of women's popular romance fiction. Thesis (Ph. D.)--Arkansas State University. Catalogue record at Arkansas State University's library.
Hamlyn, Eleanor, 2014. 
"Reading the Genre Codes in Giorgio Scerbanenco's Hybridised Romanzi Rosa", A thesis submitted in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Italian Studies, The University of Auckland. [20]
Harlan, Kimber Leigh. 2005. 
Romancing the reader: constructing a discursive and social female identity through romance novels. Thesis (M.A.) -- Tarleton State University. [Abstract available here and here.]
Harris, Patricia Marie, 1985. 
The rhetorical vision of courtship in Harlequin Romances: a fantasy theme analysis. Thesis (M.A., Communication Studies)--California State University, Sacramento.
Harrison, Rachel, 1980. 
Women and Romantic Fiction: Subordination and Resistance. Thesis (M.Litt) - University of Birmingham, Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies.
Hartmann, Britta U., 2014. 
Island fictions : Castaways and imperialism. PhD thesis, University of Tasmania. Abstract [Includes a chapter on "castaway romances" which focuses on 20th- and 21st-century novels by writers including Violet Winspear, Margery Hilton, Ginna Gray, Julie Tetel Andersen, Penelope Neri, Donna Simpson, Darlene Marshall, Jill Sharvis, Kandy Shepherd & Tracey Garvis Graves.]
Harzewski, Stephanie, 2006. 
"The new novel of manners: Chick lit and postfeminist sexual politics ." U of Pennsylvania, (Dissertation Abstracts International, Section A: The Humanities and Social Sciences, 67.7:2573.)
Heffernan, Joan-Mary, 1992. 
Women's romantic fiction :a study of three New Zealand Mills and Boon authors. Dissertation (MA--English)--University of Auckland.
Henderson, Courtney R.,2007. 
"Ladies and Loners: A Comparative Gender Study of the Romance and Popular Western.' M.A. diss., The University of Texas at Arlington. Abstract and full PDF ["my focal texts for the romance genre are Johanna Lindsey’s Savage Thunder and Joan Johnston’s Frontier Woman."]
Heydt, Victoria, 2010. 
"Stark naked: an analysis of eighteenth and twenty-first century romance novels." Washington College. Details
Hilton, Linda Ann Wheeler, 2000. 
"Half Heaven, Half Heartache : Discovering the Transformative Potential in Women's Popular Fiction." A thesis presented in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Honors College for the bachelor's degree, Arizona State University West. Details [Published as a Kindle edition in 2011 - US, UK]
Hirsbrunner, A.R., 2000. 
"Doomed to become heroines? Identification, women and fiction." Ph.D., Wales, Cardiff. ["The fear that readers will want to become like the main characters of novels they read has accompanied prose fiction throughout its history, 1970s feminists in particular were convinced that women were being duped into subscribing to patriarchal stereotypes by canonical or popular romances. The present study examines this topos. [...] fiction is not itself a fantasy, but can be used to confirm and refine a fantasy the reader already has. Romance thus contributes to a homogenisation of its females readers' fantasies, but cannot implant fantasies in subjects with different desires."] Entry in Cardiff University's Library Catalogue.
Hodgson, Kathleen, 2006. 
"The representation of the female hero in the romantic fiction of Mills & Boon." Thesis (MPhil.) - University of Reading, Institute of Education.
Hubbard, Rita Cooper, 1982. 
"Relationship Styles In Popular Romance Fiction: A Fantasy Theme Analysis Of Harlequin Romances, 1950-1979." (Dissertation Abstracts International, Section A: The Humanities and Social Sciences 42.12:4973)
Hughes, Helen Muriel, 1988. 
"Changes In Historical Romance, 1890s To The 1980s: The Development Of The Genre From Stanley Weyman To Georgette Heyer And Her Successors." U Of Bradford (United Kingdom), (Dissertation Abstracts International, Section A: The Humanities and Social Sciences 50.11: 3603)
Hurley, Frances Kay., 1999. 
"In the Words of Girls: The Reading of Adolescent Romance Fiction." Harvard U, (Dissertation Abstracts International, Section A: The Humanities and Social Sciences 60.6: 1946)
Hutton-Jarvis, C.A., 1998. 
"The educational potential of romantic fiction." PhD from University of Leeds. ["Romantic fiction was chosen as the focus for the case-study because of its capacity to stimulate women readers to make connections between their reading and their lives. Popular romances foreground issues which have particular implications for women's personal, social and economic situations. The case-study includes detailed textual analyses which illustrate the potential for using the romance as a vehicle for exploring such issues."]
Jackson, Elaine, 2005. 
"Riding the tosh horse: women writers of popular romance between the wars." Thesis (doctoral) - University of Birmingham, Department of English. British Library details [From the abstract at the "Index to Theses" website: "Concentrating on three primary authors: E.M. Hull, Berta Ruck, and Marguerite Jervis (writing under pseudonyms Oliver Sandys and Countess Barcynska), this thesis examines the production and distribution of popular romance between the two World Wars. [...] Authors’ personal experiences of love and marriage are explored alongside the more public influences of editors, publishers, and literary agents. The relationship between authors and readers is also examined. This thesis demonstrates how the authors in question pioneered what we now recognize as a predominantly female romance genre [...] and that their oeuvre contribute substantially to the canon of women’s writing history."]
Jagodzinski, Mallory Diane, 2010. 
Of Bustles and Breeches: Cross-dressing Romance Novel Heroines and the Performance of Gender Ideology. Master of Arts (MA) Thesis, Bowling Green State University, Popular Culture. [The thesis "examines three recent cross-dressing romance novels: The Spy by Celeste Bradley; Duchess By Night by Eloisa James; and Almost a Gentleman by Pam Rosenthal." Abstract and link to PDF.]
Jagodzinski, Mallory, 2015. 
Love is (Color) Blind: Historical Romance Fiction and Interracial Relationships in the Twenty-First Century. PhD dissertation, Graduate College of Bowling Green State University. [This dissertation analyzes three historical romance novels — Secrets of a Scandalous Heiress by Theresa Romain (2015), The Duke of Shadows by Meredith Duran (2008) and The Heiress Effect by Courtney Milan (2013)]PDF
Janzen, Moira J. 1994. 
Georgette Heyer's Regency romances: serious literature or popular fiction? Thesis (MA--English) -- University of Auckland
Jensen, Margaret Ann, 1980. 
"Women and romantic fiction a case study of Harlequin Enterprises, Romances and readers" (January 1, 1980). ETD Collection for McMaster University. Paper AAINK46885. Details and pdf here. In her Love's $weet Return: The Harlequin Story (1984), Jensen describes that book as "the outgrowth of a doctoral dissertation I completed at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario" (11).]
Jocks, Yvonne Annette, 1988. 
“Adventure and Virtue: Alternating Emphasis in the Popular Romance Tradition.” Master’s thesis, University of Texas at Arlington. [Jocks writes romances under the pseudonym Evelyn Vaughn ]
Johnson, Naomi Ruth, 2007. 
"Consuming Desires: A Feminist Analysis of Bestselling Teen Romance Novels". The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, (Dissertation Abstracts International, Section A: The Humanities and Social Sciences 68.11)
Jossart, Deborah A. 2004. 
Transforming the fairytale: a diachronic study of utopias of popular romance. Thesis (M.A.)--University of North Dakota, 2004.
Joyal, Amanda, 2012. 
From Victorian literature to the romance novel: Disability and the courtship plot. M.A. thesis, University of Wyoming, AAT 1510201.
Kamble, Jayashree, 2008. 
"Uncovering and Recovering the Popular Romance Novel." PhD thesis from the University of Minnesota. AAT 3338954. Details, Abstract and PDF
Kebadze, Nino, 2007. 
"Fictions of Surrender: Romance and Exemplarity in Post-War Spanish Women's Narratives. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Kentucky, United States -- Kentucky. Publication No. AAT 3263682. [Abstract. "The second part of this dissertation focuses on three novels by the best-selling authors of novelas rosa --Luisa-María Linares, Concha Linares-Becerra, and Carmen de Icaza." This has subsequently been published as a book by Tamesis.]
Keegan, Faye Jessica, 2016. 
"Soft metafiction(s) : Mary Stewart and the self-reflective middlebrow." Ph.D. thesis, University of Newcastle. Details and pdf.
Kempf, Rachel Erin, 2015. 
"Dirty Words: The Writing Process of 'Smutshop'." The University of Texas at Austin, Master of Fine Arts.PDF ["I worked at Siren-BookStop, Inc. for three years, cleaning up manuscripts and penning gay werewolf erotica [...] It was the best and worst job I’ve ever had — the best because I got paid to write and spend my workday making dirty jokes, and the worst because real sex isn’t porn sex, and real women aren’t romance heroines, and love and relationships are messy and complicated and when you spend all day boxing it into the confines of a highly formulaic genre, you’re bound to start getting some messed-up ideas about how your love life ought to be"]
Kemppinen, Anne-Mari Katriina, 1988. 
"Translating for popular literature with special reference to Harlequin books and their Finnish translations." University of Joensuu. Details copied from Joensuu University Library's online catalogue.
Khuankaew, Sasinee, 2015. 
"Femininity and masculinity in three selected twentieth-century Thai romance fictions." Ph.D thesis, Cardiff University. AbstractPdf
Kinard, Amanda Marette, 1999. 
"Forbidden Pleasures: The Romance and Its Readers." Vanderbilt U.,(Dissertation Abstracts International, Section A: The Humanities and Social Sciences 59.12: 4424)
Kirkland, Catherine, 1984. 
"For The Love Of It: Women Writers And The Popular Romance." U of Pennsylvania, (Dissertation Abstracts International, Section A: The Humanities and Social Sciences 46.1:10.
Klarich, Morgan L., 2012. 
"Multiculturalism, Sex, and Powerful Women: The New Romance Novel as the Voice of Neofeminism?". MA Thesis, Dartmouth College, 97 pages; AAT 1510706. Abstract
Kloester, Jennifer V., 2004. 
"Georgette Heyer: writing the Regency: history in fiction from Regency Buck to Lady of Quality 1935-1972." Thesis (Ph.D.)--University of Melbourne, History Dept.
Kolko, Beth E. “Writing the Romance
Cultural Studies, Community, and the Teaching of

Writing.” Ph.D. diss., University of Texas at Austin, 1994.

Kramer, Devon J., 2010. 
"Truth through the medium of cheerfulness: Romance novels as points of resistance." M.A., Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, 2010 , 114 pages; AAT 1479123.
Kusaeri, Akhmad, Dewi Candraningrum and Titis Setyabudi, 2015. 
"Love Conflict Reflected in Jennifer Crusie's Anyone But You Novel (1996): Psychoanalytic Approach." School of Teacher Training and Education, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta. [21]
Lamprinou, Artemis, 2013. 
"A Study on the Cultural Variations in the Verbalisation of Near-Universal Emotions: Translating Emotions from British English into Greek in Popular Bestseller Romances," PhD thesis, University of Surrey. Abstract
Larson, Christine, 2017. 
“An Economy of Words: Precarity, Solidarity and Innovation in Digital Book Publishing.” PhD Diss., Stanford University. [According to Lois and Gregson (2018) "Larson’s dissertation (2017) comprises the only known examination of writers’ careers in the romance genre. Her 2014 survey examined 4,270 romance writers’ earnings over the previous eight years, comparing their incomes via traditional and self-publishing. She found that only approximately 20 percent of her sample earned above the U.S. median income through their writing."]
Lessard, Victoria, 2017. 
'Marketing Desire: The "Normative/Other" Male Body and the "Pure" White Female Body on the Cover Art of Cassie Edwards' Savage Dream (1990), Savage Persuasion (1991), and Savage Mists (1992)', MA thesis, McGill University.[22]
Liu, S.-h, 2012. 
"The Translation/Mutation of Romantic Love: An Exploration of the Translation History of Modern Romances in Taiwan after 1960". PhD Thesis, National Taiwan Normal University. Abstract
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