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When she isn't being a pane in the glass, Fiona Glass writes darkly humorous fiction, mostly involving gay characters and almost always with a twist in the tail. Her work has been published in anthologies and magazines (both print and electronic), most recently with Riptide Publishing, Byker Books, Pill Hill Press, Mslexia, The Pygmy Giant, and QueeredFiction. Her second novel, 'Gleams of a Remoter World', a ghost story set on the wild west coast of Ireland, has just been published by Riptide.

Fiona lives in a slate cottage within stone-throwing distance (never a good idea in Glass houses...) of England's largest lake with her husband and a vast collection of books. She enjoys fell-walking, gardening and tai chi, and rarely has her nose far from the pages of a book.

On the Web

Published Work


  • "Gleams of a Remoter World" - Riptide Publishing Serving ghosts with the Guinness - bisexual paranormal mystery romance featuring a pair of paranormal investigators researching a ruined church in Ireland.
  • "Necessity's Door" - Riptide Publishing A short, darkly humorous novella about a cop working undercover as a male prostitute, and falling for his new lifestyle sink, line and hooker.
  • "Jack in the Box" - Byker Books A young man cosies up to the local mob boss to get what he wants - which isn't what everybody (including the mob boss) thinks it is... Short story in 'Radgepacket Volume 6'.
  • "Rock and a Hard Place" - Byker Books A rock star pretends to be gay to increase his record sales, with unexpected and hilarious results. Short story in 'Radgepacket Volume 2'.
  • "Salad Days" - MLR Press Amusing romp involving two men and a fennel bulb in the charity anthology 'I Do', sold on behalf of the Lambda Legal Fund in aid of marriage equality.
  • "Any Means Necessary" - Haworth Press a short, darkly humorous m/m erotic story about bent cops in the anthology 'Men of Mystery'.
  • Short and ultra-short stories in online and print magazines and anthologies, many of which are available to read free. See Fiona's website for full details.


The following works were published over recent years but are now out of contract and out of print. (Note: all Aspen Mountain Press and Chippewa Publishing titles have been removed from this list due to breach of contract on the part of the publishers.)

  • "Roses in December" - a gay paranormal romance novel originally published by Torquere Press.
  • "One Degree of Separation" - a collection of gay love stories, also originally published by Torquere Press.
  • "The Visitor" - a gay time-travel romance in the anthology 'Queer Dimensions', originally published by QueeredFiction.
  • "To the Rescue" and "Crossed Wires" - a two-title collection of gay romance stories originally published by Whiskey Creek Press.
  • "Taste Test: Watery Grave" - a three-title collection of gay stories with a watery theme, originally published by Torquere Press.
  • "Taste Test: Centaurfold" - one story in a three-title collection with a centaur theme, originally published by Torquere Press.
  • "Sticky Wicket" - short story in the anthology 'Play Ball', originally published by Torquere Press.

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